Power Changes Everything

More Powerful Than Armies

Emotionally healthy women are the most powerful creatures in the history of the planet. More powerful than armies. Think of it…who produced,  fed, nurtured, and taught that army? Women! They weren’t lying when they said, “The hand that rocks the cradle rules the world.”

I Believe in the Power of Emotionally Healthy Women

I believe in the vastly reaching influence and power of emotionally healthy women to change the world for the good. Women don’t just influence their children though, they influence everyone around them. They set the standard for the behavior of their husbands, brothers & sisters, nieces & nephews, friends & co-workers. I personally have had the experience where a male friend said a curse word when talking to me, and  I interrupted him and asked him politely not to use that language around me. He sheepishly apologized, and I have NEVER heard him utter a curse word in my presence since. He respected me differently when I held him to a higher standard than what he was used to.

I Didn’t Always Know I Was Influential 

I used to think I had to lower my standards in order to be accepted or liked. I thought attention=respect, and I had no idea I was worthy of real love. The kind of love that cherishes and protects. The kind of love that nurtures and heals. I didn’t know that I was worthy of Gods love.

How Do I Get This Power?

I had a very low sense of self-worth. I was depressed. I made decisions based on desperation–the desperate need for human connection. Looking for love in all the wrong places? Yep. That was me. I was literally “surviving” my life in a state of victim mentality. I was a victim and I didn’t even know it. I didn’t know how to be anything but a victim. I was a victim simply because I didn’t know where my power was. It wasn’t in my face, or my body, or in anything external that I could give, or do for anybody else. I couldn’t earn it. I couldn’t buy it. I couldn’t take it away from anybody else. Nope. I was born with my power. It is an intrinsic part of who I am, because I am a Daughter of God. Knowing that power changes everything.

You Are Powerful Too! 

Don’t believe me? That’s ok. Me 20 years ago wouldn’t have believed me either. It took a lot of mistakes, and a lot of pain. A great many detours and dead ends. But eventually, I found the way out of the darkness. In fact, I found some shortcuts, and built some bridges, and I can share them with you now if you’re ready. Are you ready to be supported in your journey? It doesn’t have to be a painful 20…30…40 years before you find the light and joy in life. Come on over and join us. Traveling together is so much more fun than traveling alone!


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