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I know the pain of depression, anxiety, and a broken heart. Through EPT I know how good it feels to heal!
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After my fourth child was born I was suffering from depression and anxiety to the point that I had difficulty caring for my family the way I wanted to. I didn’t want to take pharmaceutical drugs that would affect my nursing baby, so I began a search for natural ways to feel better. Through a series of events, my journey led me to the energy healing modality Emotional Polarity Technique. I was eventually inspired to become an EPT Practitioner myself because I saw such a dramatic improvement in my own life, and I wanted to extend that same healing relief to others. I can honestly say that EPT has saved my marriage, my family, and possibly my life. What is your emotional pain costing you?

Kelli’s passion is to help heal broken, & hurting relationships. Utilizing her skills as an Emotional Healing Practitioner, she helps individuals uncover significant hurts, discover the root issues, and eliminate the body’s automatic negative responses. This gives the mind, body, and spirit the ability to ‘let it go’ through forgiveness therefore increasing your capacity to love more, forgive easily, and grow successfully.

Kelli has completed the EPTWorksTM Core Certification Training Levels I, II, and III. She has also completed Progressive Concepts training, BusinessWorks #4, and LifeWorks #27. Kelli is honored to have been able to volunteer as an EPT Practitioner in the Birds Be Free program helping men and women in recovery from alcoholism, drug abuse, and domestic violence.

Kelli works with individuals of all ages; children and youth struggling with ADHD, couples, challenging teenagers, and families in crisis, including face to face, phone and Skype sessions. Kelli is excited to offer therapy sessions at a new location: Loechinger Chiropractic Clinic 7740 Washington Village Dr #150, Dayton, OH 45459

“To equip and empower others to find the joy in life” is my motivation!


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