How EPT Helps

Emotions are not figments of the imagination, or whims of the heart

Emotions are real, and they are produced, processed, and sometimes get stuck in physiological, dissectable organs and systems in the body. All emotions are important, as they give us cues to our surroundings. For instance, fear is given to us to help us respond during dangerous situations. and disgust can aid us in avoiding unsavory behaviors. However we often become stuck in negative emotional patterns which no longer serve us. 

Every physical and emotional experience we have ever had is stored in our brains in a file 

Let’s say for example, a woman survives a violent attack, and during the experience, there is a song playing on the radio.  She survives, and carries on in her life, but whenever she hears that song, her brain will access the file where that song was heard, and she is transported back in time emotionally to experience the fear, anguish, vulnerability, anger, resentment, defensiveness or whatever other emotion she felt at the time of the original attack.

It’s not only major traumas, but often the day to day hurts which can cause emotional blocks and negative emotional patterns

Sometimes negative emotions can cause physical pain, and sometimes they can create blocks to happiness and success in your life. An EPT Practitioner will help by diagnosing the system in which the negative emotion is stored, and release the blocked emotion. Next, the EPT Practitioner will offer emotional support and help the client to verbalize forgiveness statements. The process is completed by reprogramming the negative emotional pattern with positive affirmations.

Nothing can change your experiences in life

However, through EPT, painful experiences can become just black and white facts. You do not have to live with anger, depression, indecisiveness, paralyzed will,  resentment, feelings of abandonment, vulnerability, disgust, low self esteem, fear, grief, anguish, or any of the other emotions that are holding you back from living the life God sent you here to live. He wants you to be happy. He wants you to be whole.

Start your healing journey today

If you feel “stuck” in business,  your relationships, or if you just feel “stuck” in life, I would love to support you in releasing the toxic emotions which are holding you back. Please contact me today for an appointment.



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  1. I am interested still in joining although I didn’t see the information on the first webinar until it was over. Is there a recording of it I may access? How much will I need to pay for the EPT part?

    Thank you,
    Debi Barkle

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